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Expert Witness Services

If you are involved in a dog bite incident, you need expert help and advice. Many people use social media and receive dangerous, incorrect and misunderstood advice about the law.  Your dog's life, or the success of your case, even if you are a victim, could be compromised by not acting correctly.
We will always give you free initial advice and point you in the right direction.  Also see the useful information page for other organisations you can talk to, especially if your dog could be a banned breed.
What do we offer as an Expert Witness?
  • We gather all the information about the dog and the incident and give initial advice.
  • We recommend a specialist solicitor who will give you free initial advice
  • We take instructions from solicitors and private clients and take both private and Legal Aid funded cases
  • We assess the behaviour of the dog to produce a report for the court
  • We provide ongoing assistance and liaison for you and your solicitor, including dealing with Police or other authorities.
This is not a substitute for legal representation or qualified legal advice. We recommend you always speak to a solicitor.   Ask us for recommendations.
Early action by you in having your dog assessed and addressing the reasons why the incident happened, can help to show the Police and court that you are being responsible. Whilst this cannot be guaranteed, it goes a long way to proving how responsible you are rather than waiting to be forced by court or Police to take action.
A petition makes no difference in court.  It's nice to see people supporting owners, but it is not relevant to a case.



the Police CAN NOT take your dog and put it to sleep unless YOU sign a disclaimer.  


They can seize and hold a dog if they get a warrant, but some officers tell people they can destroy dogs and push the form under your nose.


The Police do not need a warrant to seize your dog in public if they believe your dog is an illegal breed such as a Pit Bull type.


Never sign the disclaimer form unless you want the police to destroy your dog. It's too easy when emotional to sign your dog's life away.


All incidents can be investigated and defended.

My Dog Has Bitten

by SafePets UK, Dog Behaviour Experts